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Updated October 16th, 2015


LIKE NEW Juki APW-895 Auto Pocketwelt w/ Stacker 

LIKE NEW Juki APW-895 Auto Direct Drive Lockstitch Double Needle Pocket Welt with Stacker. Machine is in excellent shape.

SALE PRICE $17,750






Like NEW Juki MOL-254 Electronic Lockstitch Direct Drive Programmable Double Needle Auto Belt Loop Attacher. Complete with Table and Stand. This machine is in like new condition. It was sold locally and used less than 9 months by a military contractor. NEW price of this machine is $34,000.

SALE PRICE $22,500





Adfast Eagle (Robot Machinerie #38840697) Automatic Grommet Machine
Price: $15,000


  • Machine Punches Grommet Hole Prior to Setting It
  • Machine has Dual Feeder that Feeds Top Grommet and Bottom Washer Automatically
  • Currently Set Up for #4 (1/2” Inside Diameter Hole)
  • Machine is Designed to Do Heavy Applications Rapidly
  • Machine Cost New is $32,000



Rebuilt Juki LG-158 Lockstitch Custom Stretched to 72” Via Beam Machine
Price: $12,500
  • *Can be a Single Needle or Double Needle with Various Needle Gauges Available
  • *Has Racing PL Top Driven Puller for Additional Feeding
  • *Machine has Mitsubishi Needle Position Servo Motor and Air Footlift
  • *Machine has been used very little
  • *Cost New is Approximately $32,000
  • *72” Between Needles and Throat of Machine
  • *Machine is a Compound Walking Foot with Jumbo Hooks and Reverse

Herman Schwabe
Traveling Head Beam Press with 26” X 79” Base and 26” X 30” Cutting Head.


Used 1998 CMC Cevenini ED 400 Automatic Log Slitter



New Brother BAS-342GXL Direct Drive Electronic Lockstitch Programmable Pattern Tacker with 380mm X 650mm sewing Field and Stepping Foot (Jump Foot)

Machine has on board programming and can be programmed by a Hand Held Programmer

Complete with Table, Stand and Motor


Additional Options:

PS300B software for programming

CF Compact Flash Card for transporting sewing data from the computer to the machine

Heavy Thread Kit for cutting and sewing T-277 thread